Advanced vibration analyzers like the VibXpert® have powerful analytical features that often go underutilized. One such feature is the ability to acquire continuous (live) vibration measurements. This can be utilized to check for measurement signal stability and quality. However,  it can also be used for additional analytical troubleshooting as well. Continuous (live) vibration data can be used to determine if electrical energy (faults, etc.) is present in electrical motors. Set your vibration analyzer to continuous monitoring. Identify and watch the peaks in question.

Turn the motor off while watching the peak(s) in the measured data. Peak(s) that disappear immediately when motor power is turned off are related to electrical energy. The remaining vibration data is associated with rotating components within the equipment.

Continuous data collection can be activated in the VibXpert analyzer by selecting the Multi-Mode icon and then the Data Collection icon that will be used. Press the Menu key, select the display setup option and toggle continuous measurement to “Yes” (it is set to “No” by default). Alternatively, you can activate the live mode by keeping the “Enter” key pressed when the measurement starts. The actual data collection begins when you release the “Enter” key.

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, by Mickey Harp CRL