Alarms can save time and assist in the notification of impending issues when analyzing vibration data within your Condition Monitoring software. Of course, the correct alarms must be set in order for the analyst to perform his or her job correctly. Too many times the incorrect levels are set for alarms causing a machine to either be constantly in alarm or for the monitored conditions never to reach the required levels to alert the analyst of an issue that should be alerted.

OMNITREND® software has many different alarms that can be configured to assist the analyst in performing their job. Over time the running condition of a machine will change and it is important to make certain that the alarms are also checked and tweaked if needed. An alarm value might need to be changed many times over the life of a machine.

OMNITREND has a feature that allows the end-user to view the collected data and adjust or set alarms according to the machines’ vibration levels. These “smart alarms” should be set after collecting data for at least three months. The three-month period allows the analyst to view how that machine has operated over that time period.

The ability to display many different data readings at once on the same screen is provided. This allows for smart alarms to be configured using the vibration levels from the machine.   Do remember that a machine’s vibration signature will change over time. Be certain to update your alarms with that information in mind.

If you have any questions or need assistance configuring alarms within OMNITREND please contact us. Our hardware and software support is offered at no charge to our valued customers.

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, by Mickey Harp CRL