Every vibration analyst knows that our failures are quickly publicized throughout the facility or corporation. It is amazing how quickly this type of information is transmitted.  This is why most analysts develop a very thick skin or soon find another career path.

It is important to make sure that your successes are publicized as well.  Management should support this effort to increase the awareness of the Condition Monitoring (CM) efforts in your facility.  Save the bearings and other items that are removed from the equipment as a result of your CM efforts.  Keep some of these items around your office to do a “show and tell” when people visit you to criticize your efforts. Consider creating a monthly or quarterly email or newsletter demonstrating your successes.  Publicize your findings in an article or present the findings at a trade show.  Be creative,  but make sure that others are aware of the value that you and the CM technologies you utilize provide. Otherwise, you may find yourself and/or the CM group on the chopping block.

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, by Trent Phillips