Do you verify the quality of the maintenance work or installation that is completed on your equipment?  You may be surprised to know that failure modes such as bearing defects,  misalignment, etc., can be introduced into your equipment as a result of poor maintenance practices or installation work.

Condition Monitoring (CM) follow-up measurements should be completed after each maintenance repair on your machinery. This will allow you to verify that the equipment was repaired correctly and that no other failure modes were induced as a result of the repair effort or installation of the equipment.
It is a good idea to make CM follow-up measurements a part of the work order. This way the work order cannot be closed until a follow-up measurement with the CM technology (vibration analysis, oil analysis, ultrasonics, motor diagnostics, thermography, etc.) has been completed.  This will help you ensure that your equipment was repaired correctly, installed correctly, and is truly ready for operation.  This results in improved equipment reliability.

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, by Trent Phillips