Information Technology (IT) is a critical business function and is involved in almost every job function within a company. IT departments and their employees are often viewed as making our jobs more difficult or impossible to complete. Why does this happen? IT departments have the responsibility to provide tools (computers,  software, systems, etc.) that create and manage critical business information. The responsibility to maintain, secure, and store this information falls upon them as well. They have to do this based on the standards set forth by the company.

If your company is about to implement a vibration analysis program or any other condition monitoring technology do not wait until the selection process has been completed to notify and involve your IT department. This could be creating a disaster situation between your department and IT within your company. It is critical to involve your IT department from the start of the selection process. This will help ensure that security requirements, computer requirements, and other critical things are taken into consideration before conflicts are created. You may actually find that your IT department can help you in your decision process, while avoiding conflict, saving time and money. Make IT an ally instead of an enemy!

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by Trent Phillips