Engineering advancements have resulted in many different types and grades of lubricants being available for equipment maintenance. Unfortunately,  the risk of improper selection and mixing of lubricants has increased as well. Mixing different types of lubricants (grease and oil,  etc.) within a machine is one of the most common equipment reliability problems. Doing so can result in unanticipated chemical reactions and equipment failures.

Proper labeling is a method to help ensure that the correct type of grease or lubricant is being injected into your equipment. Color-coded labels with proper lubricant identification markings should be placed on the Zerk fitting or near any lubrication entry point on a machine. Grease guns and lubricant containers should have the same color identification and markings as well. This simple process can assist in eliminating lubricant contamination and thereby prevent one of the most common reliability problems today.

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, by Mickey Harp CRL