A pump housing must be installed so that the surface is flat and level to the required installation tolerances. Doing so requires great precision and ideally the task would be easy to accomplish.

In the application below, the user needed to perform such a measurement.  This task was usually reserved for a separate crew that would bring over optics or theodolites to perform the measurements. In this case, the crew was not available and they needed an accurate measurement that day.

Application and Photo courtesy of Aneesh Francis with Measurements and Automation Systems

The Easy-Laser E920 system was on hand for a shaft alignment application.  This system also happened to have the compact and versatile D-22 rotating laser for flatness and level measurements.  In a quick setup, both pump housings were measured by the same person tasked for the shaft alignment. Both flanges were measured and confirmed to have been flat and level to the installation specifications.  The modularity of the Easy-Laser system allows for users to accomplish not just shaft alignment, but multiple tasks associated with rotating equipment installation.

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by Daus Studenberg CRL