MEDIA RELEASE: New Product Revolutionizes Flatness Measurements
New Product revolutionizes flatness measurementsThe LEVALIGN EXPERT Flatness and Leveling Measuring System with Automatic Rotating Laser has won 1st place in Pumps & Systems Product Innovation of the Year competition. The winners, finalists and honorable mentions were chosen by the magazine’s editorial advisory board.
“This year’s winner is LUDECA, Inc. LUDECA’s LEVALIGN EXPERT is a tool that allows end users to determine the flatness/levelness of bases and frames. It helps avoid strain that can occur when a machine is bolted to a distorted surface. With a level surface, problems such as vibration and misalignment can be avoided, saving money on maintenance and repair and avoiding downtime.” —Pumps & Systems, December 2011.
Read official announcement including a LEVALIGN EXPERT field service engineer testimonial.
LEVALIGN EXPERT is manufactured by PRÜFTECHNIK Alignment Systems.

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, by Ana Maria Delgado, CRL