An organization’s culture is defined by the manner in which their direct leader treats employees

During their workshop “Uptime Elements – A System for Asset Reliability and Performance Management” at the SMRP-2013 Conference in Indianapolis,  Terry O’Hanlon and Ramesh Gulati pointed out that Asset Reliability is an important part of an asset management plan and a key enabler of effective value delivery from assets.
Their message was clear, Reliability is as cultural as it is a technical set of practices and strategies. For over 30 years most of the modern approaches to reliability and effective maintenance service delivery have been well documented yet most organizations fail to achieve sustainable value delivery from these activities. Many stakeholders may not fully appreciate how their work fits into asset reliability and what role their work plays in supporting the aim of the organization through the context of its asset management activities.
A couple of things to know about Leadership for Reliability:

  1. Reliability is culture as much as it is a set of processes.
  2. Culture eats strategy for breakfast and leadership sets the culture

The main focus of this learning event was the Uptime Elements which include:

  • Reliability Engineering for Maintenance
  • Asset Condition Management where our alignment/balancing and vibration analysis maintenance technologies play a key role.
  • Work Execution Management
  • Leadership for Reliability
  • Reliable Asset Management

I encourage you to download and follow the Uptime Elements to develop a holistic system for reliability in your plant and start a new way of thinking about delivering value from assets.

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by Ana Maria Delgado, CRL