One hour-long presentation by Ray Wonderly, Retired from General Motors Corporation, Owner of Advanced Maintenance Technologies. Originally filmed at the CBM 2011 Condition Based Monitoring Conference at the Reliability Performance Institute in Fort Myers, Florida.

This discussion will focus on the use of Vibration Analysis to verify machinery problems or faults, primarily misalignment. Case studies will be presented to highlight the benefits of using Vibration Analysis systems for the early detection and verification of misalignment problems and the use of Laser Alignment systems to correct problems found.

After corrective actions are performed and problems eliminated, new vibration measurements should “always” be taken to confirm satisfactory results. The intent is to illustrate how Vibration Analysis can save valuable time when used in conjunction with Laser Alignment to verify the root cause of problems found and to confirm satisfactory results.

We’ll also discuss common characteristics of misalignment, different types & causes of misalignment, and things to consider when performing precision alignment of equipment.
Classic “textbook” case histories will be presented (as time permits) of misalignment problems along with some factory floor case history examples to illustrate unique situations when special vibration measurements such as high resolution or high-frequency instrument setups were needed and proved very beneficial in determining the true source or “root cause” of machinery problems.

A case history involving acceptance testing of a recently rebuilt 800 hp 2-pole motor & Centac Compressor will be presented where the true source of excessive vibration levels was questionable in terms of whether they were more related to mechanical (misalignment) or electrical vibratory forces.

Watch Vibration Analysis and Laser Alignment “Technologies Working Together”

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by Ana Maria Delgado, CRL