6 Steps to include in your Vibration Analysis Process

January 31, 2013

Every person that performs vibration analysis develops their own analysis process.  Suggested steps at a minimum should include: 1. Open the spectrum (FFT) and locate the running speed peak and reset the reference speed to that speed.  Since all induction motors vary in speed based on the load,  this is necessary for accurate analysis, particularly at […]

Glossary of Useful Machinery Alignment Terms

January 29, 2013

Alignment – Positioning two or more machines so that the rotational centerlines of their shafts are colinear at the power of transmission point under operating conditions. Alignment specifications or targets – Desired intentional misalignment of MTBM (Machine To Be Moved) to compensate for thermal growth and/or dynamic loads. Most commonly specified as coupling target. Angularity […]

Download our Laser Align App —now for iPhone, iPad & Android

January 25, 2013

We are proud to release a new version of our “Laser Align” mobile application. The app is available in the iTunes Store for both iPhone and iPad; as well as in Google Play for Android. The application now has an interactive Tolerance Table,  where the user can input his own machine RPM and the app will […]

How to Diagnose a Rocking Soft Foot

January 23, 2013

When taking individual soft foot readings on a four-footed machine,  one foot at a time, always with the other three feet tight, if the two highest values appear diagonally opposed to each other, you have “rocking” soft foot situation. There are three potentially correct shimming solutions to this problem, but only one best solution. Here’s how to […]

VIBCONNECT RF recognized with Honorable Mention in the 2013 AHR Expo Innovation Awards Competition

January 16, 2013

MEDIA RELEASE   The AHR Expo and its co-sponsors,  ASHRAE and AHRI, have recognized our VIBCONNECT RF wireless condition monitoring system with an HONORABLE MENTION in the BUILDING AUTOMATION Category of the 2013 AHR Expo Innovation Awards Competition. A panel of Industry Professionals, selected for their knowledge and expertise in HVACR, found our VIBCONNECT RF worthy […]

Top 3 Machine Faults: An IMC-2012 Conference Poll @maintenanceconf

January 10, 2013

We recently ran a poll to find out what the Top Machine Faults are for the attendees of the IMC-2012 International Maintenance Conference. Here are the results,  which came from maintenance and reliability professionals who attended our Learning Lab: Misalignment: 32% Bearing Failure: 31% Unbalance: 18% Looseness: 16% Other: 3%   The good news is […]

Testimonial: A cost-effective and accurate way to monitor pipe strain per API standards

January 8, 2013

Rotalign Ultra LIVE TREND is by far the most cost-effective and technically competent tool to monitor pipe strain per API standards. LIVETREND allows maintenance personnel to monitor and record digitally the alignment offset changes at each coupling hub face,  thru the entire bolting procedure,  as specified, while comparing it to the final unit alignment if […]

The Benefits of Adopting Vibration Analysis in 2013

January 3, 2013

Vibration analysis is the best all-around technology for diagnosing and predicting problems in rotating machinery. Over the years I have seen time and time again where adopters of this technology have saved themselves and their companies countless man hours and thousands of dollars by getting to the root cause of a problem early on. By […]