We recently ran a poll to find out what the Top Machine Faults are for the attendees of the IMC-2012 International Maintenance Conference. Here are the results,  which came from maintenance and reliability professionals who attended our Learning Lab:
Top 3 Machine Faults
Misalignment: 32%
Bearing Failure: 31%
Unbalance: 18%
Looseness: 16%
Other: 3%

The good news is that all our lab participants were acquainted with our Condition-based Maintenance tools which can help them detect,  prevent and correct all these problems.
It is essential to understand how equipment performs in a facility and to be able to identify these common machine reliability issues before they result in functional failures in your equipment. Payback technologies like vibration analysis, alignment, and balancing when part of a comprehensive condition monitoring program can improve your equipment performance, reduce equipment downtime and minimize risk.

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, , by Ana Maria Delgado, CRL