"Hot" Alignment Checks only tell half the story!

July 25, 2011

Hot alignment checks are often unsuccessful because of delays in installing measuring devices on the equipment which has just been shut down. Even when good planning and organization allowed you to take readings within minutes of shutdown, these readings only address the so called “Thermal Growth”. Often the effects of thermal growth on alignment had […]

7 Reasons Why Machines Need Laser Shaft Alignment Technology

July 18, 2011

Every asset-intensive organization understands that the greater the uptime of machines, the more efficient and cost effective operations will be. Keeping your assets in optimal working order is easier and more cost efficient when advanced technology such as laser shaft alignment is used to increase machine reliability. The Machine Maintenance Goal One of the goals […]

Easy Removal of Damaged Phillips-Head Screws

July 11, 2011

Cross-head, or Phillips screws have a plus-shaped slot in the head and are driven by a cross-head screwdriver, designed originally in the 1930’s for use with mechanical screwing machines. They were intentionally made so the driver would ride out, or cam out, at a certain force to prevent over-tightening. After a piece of equipment has […]

Problem Solved: Measure Foundations with Ease and Precision

July 7, 2011

Problem: A machine base needs to be checked to see if it is flat and level. Solution: A digital inclinometer provides fast and accurate measurements of the foundation.  When installing on machine bases, the spirit level is a commonly used measurement tool assigned to this task.  Although the accuracy of the spirit level can be […]

Condition Monitoring on Drilling Platforms: A Case Study

July 5, 2011

June 2011 • RELIABLE PLANT A VIBXPERT vibration data collector was used to collect data on a DDM 750 AC 1M drilling machine at the workshop to check for factory acceptance. The VIBXPERT allows for high-resolution time signal and spectrum measurements to be collected. The VIBXPERT can collect more than 100, 000 lines of resolution, […]