As Published by Maintenance Technology Magazine August 2016 issue

Clinging to a single approach that made economic sense for your plant ‘back in the day’ could be an expensive strategy.”

Overall values are the most common measurements and calculations used in vibration analysis. What’s more, some reliability and maintenance programs rely solely on them. The goal is to remove monitored equipment from service once the overall vibration level exceeds a certain threshold. Although this approach would appear to be quite cost-effective, in reality, it frequently isn’t. In fact, overall vibration monitoring can become extremely costly for a facility.

If you are asking yourself questions such as: What should you do once an overall vibration level exceeds your target amplitude and the equipment is removed from service? Who should collect routine vibration data? What other valuable condition-monitoring data might be missing? Or how do you motivate others to take corrective actions? then this article is definitely a must-read.

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