A US manufacturer of chemical products and food supplements has recently experienced an increase in demand for the products they manufacture. To maintain and supply that increased demand,  they have increased their reliability efforts. They have done so by re-evaluating their current vibration analysis program and the negative impact recently experienced with unplanned downtime.

After careful analysis of the risk factors preventing their overall business goals from being achieved, the company reached out to LUDECA for a viable solution to their current problems. We installed a VIBCONNECT® RF wireless condition monitoring solution. The installation was quite challenging because the units to be monitored were located three stories high and the control center is about 600 feet in length with hurricane-proof walls. The VIBCONNECT wireless system not only monitored overall data, spectral and waveform data continuously every 30 minutes, but also enabled the facility to identify two bearing failures on an important motor-blower set.
Vibconnect RF install
Is your company faced with the same challenges?  Is your vibration program catching the failures on all your equipment?  Are processes being stopped and demand not being met?  A proper condition monitoring and reliability-centered effort will always provide a positive return on investment.

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by Alex Nino CRL