It is surprising that most users of Condition Monitoring (CM) technologies do not keep their software and/or device firmware updated. Many reasons such as having to pay for updates and support may explain why this happens.

Some of the disadvantages of not keeping your software and firmware updated are:

  1. You will not receive critical bug fixes. This means living with an annoying problem that may be resolved by simply updating.
  2. You will not receive feature enhancements. Maybe some of the new features you have requested or new functionality that will allow improvements in job performance is easily available by updating.
  3. Most vendors do not keep older versions of their software and firmware operational for support. This makes customer support much more difficult for all involved.

Some companies,  like LUDECA, do not charge for support or update agreements on the products they provide.

Therefore, it makes even more sense to keep your CM hardware and software updated. Make sure that you keep your contact information updated with your vendor as well. They will wish to notify you when updates are available and can’t if no primary contact information or outdated information is provided.

Latest firmware and software for your LUDECA products.

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, by Trent Phillips