Most of us use the Internet to email our friends,  review sports scores, read the news, or entertain ourselves. Management usually frowns upon employees using the Internet during working hours, for valid reasons.

Nevertheless, the Internet can be a valuable work tool and it is important that you and your management understand the ways in which the Internet can provide value to your work.

A vibration analyst can use the Internet to research important equipment information (bearing information, drawings, etc) that can greatly enhance their analysis efforts. The internet can be used to take a Condition Monitoring (CM) training course. For example, the analyst can use the Internet to take a vibration analysis certification course. This prevents the employee from having to travel, and spend time away from their family and their job. This reduces employee stress and saves the employer money. A good technology provider can use the Internet to log into the computer remotely to help install software, provide training, and troubleshoot problems. A good technology provider can supply remote analysis support through the Internet as well. This can save a lot of money because the support can be instantaneous and the provider does not have to travel to your location.

The items described above and many more are now possible by utilizing the Internet as a tool.  It is very important that you and your management (especially your IT people) understand the value of full internet access for your CM team.

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by Trent Phillips