Condition Monitoring (CM) tools have become smaller,  lighter,  faster, and more sophisticated in recent years.  Functionality that once was limited to a computer in an office can now be easily done in the field with the right CM analysis tool.  It is now possible to do complete equipment analysis at the machine.  Modern Condition Monitoring tools have very sophisticated root cause analysis capabilities as well.  This is very important because a condition monitoring program should go beyond the identification of potential failures in equipment like bearing issues, etc. that lead to functional failures and downtime.  A good condition monitoring program will include root cause activities that identify the reasons behind equipment issues (why the bearing, etc. developed an issue).  These activities will help your equipment reliability efforts move to the next level.

Is your facility simply identifying conditional changes in equipment for repair or working toward identifying the root causes of those conditional changes?

What processes are you using for root cause identification and analysis?

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by Trent Phillips