Blog • November 2010

Many manufacturing facilities use vibration analysis to detect early signs of machine failure, allowing technicians to repair or replace machinery before a catastrophic failure occurs. All rotating equipment vibrates, but as components begin to fail or reach the end of their serviceable life, they begin to vibrate more and in unique ways. Ongoing monitoring of equipment allows technicians to identify these indicators of wear and future damage well before the damage becomes a total failure. When technicians use condition monitoring correctly, it can result in significant cost savings compared to traditional maintenance approaches. In traditional maintenance approaches using preventive maintenance, technicians would replace these faulty components on a fixed schedule. In a reactive-maintenance scenario, technicians would repair or replace these components only after they have reached total failure.

Read the entire article Vibration Analysis Avoids Equipment Failure by Dave Bertolini, People and Processes, Inc.

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, by Ana Maria Delgado, CRL