Management’s decisions are major factors in the success of most efforts around a facility, including ensuring equipment health and uptime. The wrong ones can erect obstacles. How does your management team stack up?

Management is responsible for ensuring that a facility performs in line with certain safety,  operational, maintenance, environmental, competitive, and financial goals. Even on a good day, this can be a daunting task.

Every cost-effective resource available should be leveraged to achieve those goals. Condition monitoring (CM) is one such resource.   Management teams have, unfortunately, been known to make some mistakes when attempting to implement successful condition-monitoring programs. Understanding those mistakes is key to a site capturing the returns that it seeks from its CM efforts. Thus, it’s important to beware of the following situations:

Mistake #1: Failure to plan and execute correctly
Mistake #2: Failure to support adequate training
Mistake #3: Failure to use technology appropriately
Mistake #4: Failure to commit to full-time CM personnel
Mistake #5: Failure to create widespread awareness
Mistake #6: Failure to effectively integrate data
Mistake #7: Failure to create standards
Mistake #8: Failure to create sufficient collection schedules
Mistake #9: Failure to be proactive
Mistake #10: Failure to properly apply CM technologies

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, by Trent Phillips