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VibXpert vibration analyzerLUDECA’s VIBXPERT® II is exemplary of the company’s line of products designed to ‘Keep It Running.’ The slogan is indicative of what LUDECA’s condition monitoring solutions are committed to doing — keeping U.S. manufacturing running and productive.
The VIBXPERT II is a portable vibration analyzer with a full-color display,  fast data acquisition, and powerful diagnostics tools. It combines the advantages of a rapid processor with a brilliant energy-efficient color VGA display. The diagnostic capabilities allow machinery reliability issues to be identified so corrective action can be taken to keep your equipment running and avoid unwanted downtime.
Ray Wonderly, the owner of Advanced Maintenance Technologies, purchased his first VIBXPERT from LUDECA in 2006 and upgraded to the VIBXPERT II in 2010 after being very satisfied with the company’s laser alignment systems (OPTALIGN PLUS) and customer service.

“Using the VIBXPERT II vibration system has substantially increased my business and customer base,” he explained. “It is a great selling point to my customers when I tell them I can take more vibration measurements and monitor more total equipment in less time because of the outstanding speed of the vibration analyzer itself without affecting the quality of vibration measurements.”

Wonderly found the “extras” LUDECA provides at no additional expense refreshing.

“Many vendors have it as a requirement that you purchase their additional and expensive maintenance support agreements in order to receive additional free firmware and software updates,” he explained. “LUDECA offers the highest quality system at the most affordable price — and with no additional support agreements — when compared to others.

“I have told many people if you just want a basic system at the absolute lowest price, LUDECA’s VIBXPERT may not be the best fit. But if you are looking for a top-of-the-line system at a fair price with many great features, the VIBXPERT is a great choice. You can buy it as more of a basic system and at a cheaper price and kind of grow into the many additional features as needed or required, such as the balancing or advanced diagnostics. The firmware is already built into the device and all you have to do after purchase is open it with the provided ID and password. You don’t have to send the system back for additional firmware features.

“In my personal opinion, LUDECA offers the highest quality system at the most affordable price and absolutely fantastic technical support. I truly feel you are getting more for your money as compared to some of the others.”

“At LUDECA, we maintain a high standard of ethics, service, and customer support by always striving to exceed customer expectations,” said Frank Seidenthal, president, LUDECA.

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, by Ana Maria Delgado, CRL