This is Part 1 of a 2-part series. 
Selection of a condition monitoring (CM) technology is not an easy task and requires that many concerns be taken into consideration. Determination of what functionality is needed,  selection of a technology provider that can deliver the required technology, and an available budget are all critical considerations to think about before making a purchase. Otherwise, the intended results will not be found and the new CM technology will not provide value to the reliability efforts within your facility or corporation.

Management often fails to correctly consider how to successfully implement the CM technology once the selection has been made. The failure to consider beforehand how the CM technology should be implemented within their facility or corporation leads to:

  • Increased labor
  • Increased expense
  • Living with the unsatisfactory results for a very long time
  • Unsatisfactory results from the CM technology, including:
  1. Missed technology findings
  2. Lack of integration into the existing business process
  3. Inability to create standards
  4. Inability to generate meaningful reports

Read my article in IMPO Magazine which includes the first 5 Steps to Successfully Implementing a Vibration Program:
#1: Getting Started
#2: Do you already have a technology database available?
#3: Determine what equipment will be monitored
#4: Obtain required equipment information
#5: Create equipment templates

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