April 2010 · Reliable Plant Magazine

It is common knowledge that technologies such as vibration analysis, shaft alignment, oil analysis, thermal imaging, motor circuit testing, and several other technologies are excellent tools to help achieve these results. These technologies can be used for the identification and elimination of machinery defects on a daily basis. Many facilities are content with the knowledge that machinery defects (bearing defects, gearbox defects, etc.) have been identified, scheduled for maintenance, and ultimately repaired utilizing these technologies. An optimized reliability program will constantly seek the root causes that create the machinery defects, thereby avoiding many chronic and recurring problems. Most facilities believe that finding the root cause of equipment defects can be difficult. This may be true in some cases, but it is not always the reality. In fact, many of the actual root causes of equipment defects can be easily identified. The elimination of these root causes will reduce the amount of equipment defects that must be repaired over time, help you achieve the goal of reduced maintenance cost, and increase profits at your company.

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, by Trent Phillips