PLANT SERVICES • January 2012

Vibration analysis and condition monitoring are part of a bigger picture.

Vibration Data CollectionReducing maintenance cost, reducing production cost, improving uptime, reducing risk, improving safety, and improving product quality are some of the essential drivers for deploying vibration analysis and other predictive maintenance tools. They should be the goals of any plant or corporation.

Vibration analysis and condition monitoring (CM) are important ingredients in all of these goals. Vibration analysis, if applied correctly, can provide identification of specific problems that routinely prevent these goals from being achieved. Furthermore, vibration analysis can be used as part of root cause analysis efforts within a facility. It is very important to identify what is causing specific problems to routinely occur and eliminate those causes.

Many considerations should be taken before and during the implementation of a vibration analysis program or any other CM technology. Some of them are commonly overlooked, but the best way to avoid obstacles that limit the success of vibration analysis and predictive maintenance programs is to take these 11 steps. Read my entire article “11 steps to ensure PdM success”.

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, by Trent Phillips