March 2011 • WindPower Engineering

Condition-monitoring systems have made it clear that wind turbines are complex machines in which overall vibration values must be systematically determined and evaluation references made available. Points to consider when writing evaluation guidelines for wind-power plants include:

• Function and structural design of wind turbines and their components
• Interaction between the individual drivetrain components (modules) being tested
• Information and experience regarding the possible faults and damages occurring in the individual testing modules during operation and their economic impact
• Knowledge of operation-related and machine-related vibration influences, the diagnostic procedures that must be adhered to, and their respective limits

The recent VDI 3834, established and released in 2009, takes into consideration the special requirements for evaluating wind turbine components. The guideline is set for turbines ranging from 100 kW to 3 MW.
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, by Alex Nino CRL