Water/Waste Processing Magazine • February 2011

A southeastern US water company has been developing a condition monitoring program with LUDECA as their partner, to monitor their on-surface equipment with VIBSCANNER® and VIBCODE® systems. The current program has provided significant benefits and cost savings by preventing expensive pump and motor failures, as well as optimizing their current maintenance planning and procedures. However, sometimes not all equipment can be monitored using a portable device, either for safety reasons or location.  A recent problem arose at the wastewater treatment plant.  The facility experiences high flows and because of the small relative space available, they use chemical and aeration treatment processes to meet code and final water approval levels.  The flow works by deep tunnels that run beneath the city terminating at a deep pump well 121 feet in depth (37 meters).  It is pumped by four submersible pumps to the plant’s inlet. These pumps have caused extreme revenue and capital cost in both repairs and operations.

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, by Alex Nino CRL