Marine applications often involve cramped locations and dirty environments which require that measurement systems be compact in order to be installed inside the vessel, but also be rugged and dependable enough to perform in these environments.

The application below shows the Easy-Laser equipment is being used in such an environment.  Both the E-series and XT-series systems feature multi-role capability to handle the diverse needs of marine rotating equipment commissioning and maintenance such as flatness, straightness, squareness, level, and shaft alignment.  They are used extensively in marine applications.


Measuring a baseplate in this environment is a challenge for some methods such as level or theodolite optics because these methods require consistent level, which is difficult on a floating vessel.  With optical theodolite measurements, the scope itself can move due to the operator having to physically look through the scope and his or her weight potentially causing movement.

The ideal solution chosen for this application was the Easy-Laser E920.  The issue of drift was removed by rigidly mounting the D22 laser to the most ideal location, the baseplate itself.  The D22 rotating laser component projects a perfectly flat laser beam.  A sensor is placed at the points of interest and can be measured remotely, removing the issue external factors causing any movement of the baseplate or laser.


The result was a fast and accurate measurement of the baseplate.  A report was then generated to confirm that the alignment defects of base twist and distortion were removed from the installation.  With this confirmed, the rest of the alignment could continue with the assurance that this step of the alignment process will not cause issues in the future.

Application photos provided courtesy of Ozan Onur Okumus, Energy Systems Engineer and Energy Manager of D.M.T. Makina.  Bursa, Turkey

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by Daus Studenberg CRL