Better Running Conditions from Precision Alignment

Caterpillar G3606 engine mated to Ariel JG D compressor

We performed an alignment as part of a yearly check on a Caterpillar G3606 engine mated to an Ariel JG-D compressor. Documentation was established to track the performance of the equipment before and after the alignment.

Before alignment:CAT Engine Load Before Alignment

The engine was running overloaded, consuming more fuel than budgeted, and over the permitted emissions levels. Initial readings found 0.012” of misalignment, and soft foot of 0.005” in a single mounting pad. Correcting the alignment to within 0.004″, using thermal growth targets, and correcting the soft foot, yielded the results needed for better running conditions.

After alignment:CAT Engine Load After AlignmentLoad was reduced by 6%, and fuel flow dropped by 10 cfm (saving $8800 per quarter). Emissions were well within permitted levels. This mitigated the possibility of a fine, which could be up to $33,750 PER DAY of non-compliance. All of these realized gains resulted directly from a precision laser alignment, carried out with precision tools, performed by properly trained technicians, to the standard of excellence required in today’s cost-aware environment.

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by Chris Greene CRL