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Engineering no doubt spends a lot of time deciding what machines should be specified and how best to set them up for optimal production. And you already know how important shaft alignment is. But there are other ways to make your machine perform even better and last longer. A careful base setup is key if you want to increase the machine’s lifespan and avoid unexpected downtime and other disturbances.

Why you should pay attention to the base setup?
Setting up the base properly is more important than many realize; it is crucial if you want to avoid unnecessary machine stress, and prevent costly problems in the long run.
First, the base has to be strong enough to support the weight of the machine. It also has to be able to withstand a large amount of torque and other loading that the machine produces. In addition, the base also needs to be flat and level.

An uneven or unleveled base can cause all kinds of issues for you: shaft misalignment, pipe strain, distorted machine frames (soft foot), etc. Even a small defect can have significant negative consequences on production.

The machine base – A great investment!
A base that’s flat and level will increase the machine’s lifespan and will save you unexpected downtime with costly repairs. You will also benefit from increased production time and greater efficiency of the machine with reduced energy consumption.

EASY-LASER E720 Alignment/GEO system
Don’t just eyeball the base to see if it’s flat. Use a laser. You might already be familiar with shaft alignment lasers. In this case, you need another kind of measuring tool, such as the Easy-Laser E720 system. The point laser will allow you to optimize both base flatness and shaft alignment. The Easy-Laser D22 (swiveling laser) will help you level the base. No other system on the market offers this type of flexibility.

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, by Ana Maria Delgado, CRL