The “Move Simulator” program is extremely useful on all types of machines but we have found it most helpful on multi-coupling train units.

We recently performed an alignment on a 350 HP turbine/gearbox/pump train in one of our cracking units. The turbine had been replaced by the area Maintenance Group and the machine was supposed to be a like-for-like drop-in exchange. This was not the case for this unit. Two problems: A bolt-bound condition and height difference on the turbine. Due to time constraints, removing the turbine and modifying support feet was not a viable option.

We used the Rotalign® ULTRA IS, took readings on both couplings and then used “Move Simulator”. We were able to adjust the gearbox height and move it horizontally to achieve acceptable alignment to the turbine. The pump side had been found almost perfect (per targets) and we ended up maintaining the offset but disturbed the angularity slightly but remained within tolerance for the coupling.

The “Move Simulator” was certainly a time and labor saving program on this occasion. —J.W., Reliability Technologist – Eastman Chemical Company

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by Ana Maria Delgado, CRL