Attendance at professional conferences can be expensive and remove the employee from the workforce for several days. So why allow your employees to attend a professional conference?

  1. The employee is allowed to network with others performing the same job functions. This allows sharing of knowledge and experiences that can be used to make improvements in your company.
  2. The employee will experience new tools,  technologies,  processes, ideas, and standards that can be used for improvements within your company.
  3. The employee can demonstrate their knowledge by doing presentations, participating in subject matter forums, etc., enhancing the reputation of your company.
  4. The employee can generate awareness about your company and its products.
  5. The employee will return with valuable knowledge that can be shared with other employees within your company.

You are cordially invited to visit our booth at these conferences where we will be exhibiting our shaft alignment, pulley alignment, vibration analysis, and balancing products.

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, by Yolanda Lopez