At Enterprise Products an 8000 HP Siemens Electric Motor is short-coupled to an Ariel KBV six throw compressor. Unit was suffering from very large amounts of vibration causing excessive wear and tear on various components of the machine.
Motor to Ariel Compressor
This alignment is performed using the compact magnetic brackets attached to a huge Thomas shim disk-type coupling. The shafts are turned using their 15-ton overhead bridge crane with a suitable nylon strap. The alignment was performed using the OPTALIGN® SMART alignment system and the Multi-point Measure Mode. To take readings,  the unit must be turned with a 15-ton overhead crane. Since the rotation is not even and start-stop positions cannot be exactly controlled, measurements are taken at various locations along the rotation. The Multi-point Mode is ideal for this situation.

I have been using OPTALIGN SMART Laser Equipment for years. The OPTALIGN SMART makes it simple and easy to align very small equipment as well as very large equipment. We use the OPTALIGN SMART to align all rotating equipment in our facilities. The two pieces of equipment grow together within .001” to .002”. This was confirmed when a hot alignment was performed. We check alignment both hot and cold every 4000 hours of run time. The OPTALIGN SMART takes the guess work out and definitely saves valuable time.” —D. Thomas, Enterprise Products

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by Tim Rogers CRL