When M/Y Mystique,  a 50m yacht, had trouble with its bearings overheating, they called on our customer AME to investigate. After conducting a vibration analysis survey, the misalignment was discovered along with aged mounts. Additionally, the Kamewa Jet Units were not functioning within recommended tolerances.
In terms of alignment several steps were followed, the first intermediate shafts of both wing engines were re-connected. The alignment of these shafts was checked using the Rotalign Ultra and found to be within alignment tolerances. There is only one intermediate shaft for the center engine and only one SKF bearing that supports the jet shaft. The cap of this bearing was torqued to 600 ft./lbs. according to spec. Two cradles were installed under this shaft so it could be aligned to the jet shaft. Wing engines were also aligned to their corresponding reduction gears. Finally, the center engine and reduction gears were aligned to their corresponding intermediate shafts.
Shaft arrangement
AME installed all new mounts and aligned the propulsion equipment to correct the vessel’s issues using the ROTALIGN ULTRA laser alignment system. Upon completion of the work, it was concluded that the replacement of all propulsion machinery mount elements and the re-alignment of this machinery greatly reduced engine vibration being transmitted to the base structure. Most of all, the temperatures of all SKF shaft bearings were improved and found to be within their temperature tolerances.

“Once I found out that AME had a history with Mystique and its previous owner, it was a no-brainer to get them involved to do this specialized work,” said S.P. Captain, M/Y Mystique. “AME has a reputation of being one of the top specialists in vibration, noise, and alignment and I will continue to use their services due to the prompt, professional engineers, and staff. They care about their clients and will do whatever it takes to deliver impeccable service.”           

Thanks to Advanced Mechanical Enterprises for sharing their success using our ROTALIGN ULTRA.

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by Ana Maria Delgado, CRL