ROTALIGN® ULTRA will always suggest the ideal move,  but in the real world,  as we all know, that’s rarely how things work out. It may tell you to shim an impossible amount (say by asking you to remove more shims than what you have under the foot) or require a horizontal move in a direction you are bolt-bound in. Maybe you have an alternative idea of how to achieve the alignment and want to test what the outcome will be. These theoretical moves can easily be tested using the Move Simulator in the ROTALIGN ULTRA, without actually having to move the machines! Simply input the shim amount you want to try at each foot or the horizontal move you want to test. You will instantly see the outcome. On systems without the Move Simulator feature, input your proposed corrections as thermal growth values and return to the results screen. Your results screen will now show what would happen if those corrections were effected. If you opt for the second option, be sure to remove the fictitious thermal growth values before taking more readings and actually performing corrections.
Rotalign Ultra Move Simulator

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, by Tyler Wulterkens CRL