I recently conducted training at a chemical plant. During a conversation with the supervisor,  he mentioned how impressed he was with how much money the ROTALIGN® ULTRA laser shaft alignment tool had saved him. They had an upcoming outage and a three-coupling machine train alignment scheduled for the back end of that outage. They were running behind schedule,  as is usually the case in most facilities. He had scheduled three days for this machine train alignment, as had been scheduled in previous instances. With ROTALIGN ULTRA’s multi-coupling feature, thermal growth function, and move simulator, three millwrights were able to complete the job within six hours.

The multi-coupling feature allowed the millwrights to measure the alignment of all couplings simultaneously, with a single shaft rotation. Besides minimizing measuring time, the unit also monitored the vertical and horizontal position of each shaft as they were being adjusted. With the thermal growth function, the ROTALIGN ULTRA calculated, using real-life parameters, the effect of thermal growth at each foot along the machine train on the shaft alignment. It then provided them with proper corrections so the machine runs smoothly during operating conditions. The Move Simulator helped them find the optimal adjustments on the screen prior to actually moving the machine. These virtual moves save time by reducing unnecessary corrective moves in the field and finding the best possible solution when bolt-bound or base-bound situations occur.
Times Savings Laser Align
Estimated savings in the cost of labor was approximately $2,700 for the three millwrights. However, if we include the cost reduction of having the equipment running two days early, increases the savings enormously. Needless to say, management was very happy and impressed with the capability of the system they just purchased.

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by Adam Stredel CRL