Laser alignment with Rotalign ProI used the OPTALIGN® non-visible laser shaft alignment tool before the visible came out. The OPTALIGN visible before the ROTALIGN® came out and the ROTALIGN since it was first introduced. Then a ROTALIGN PRO upgrade when it became available. A lot of the alignment work I do is over great distances. On some occasions I have even used the ROTALIGN ULTRA. All PRUFTECHNIK lasers have unmatched repeatability and accuracy. I have had my work checked with other manufacturers’ lasers and by other methods. The other lasers cannot repeat over longer spans. Experience has taught me to tell them to call me when they can repeat to .020″. In the event they still think I’m out,  I will return and show them the errors of their ways or their equipment. Several times a year I’m asked to do old-school verification and honestly, old-school techniques, performed in a competent manner tell the same story as the laser; but what a bunch of work!

On at least two occasions, I have had a strain gauge company from Canada check my work. The first time, a technician did not think his strain gauge equipment was calibrated due to the fact he could not get a reading that was more than 5% of what he expected to be a good answer. When his office told them it had been calibrated before he left, he did not believe it. I told them the line shaft was perfectly straight. Apparently a laser has much higher resolution than a strain gauge.  DO YOU THINK!  A strain gauge, oh please, maybe we should call these lasers a “no strain” gauge.  After all, the purpose of precision alignment is to eliminate strain. The second time, they said they had never seen work so close.
The training we received in Miami from Pedro Casanova and others, with the instruments you provide, has allowed me to do perfect work for over 20 years.” —John Boland, Boland Industrial

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by Ana Maria Delgado, CRL