Do your analysts use consistent phrases or statements when creating condition monitoring (CM) work orders?  It is very important to convey concise and accurate information with each CM work order. Often times misspelled words,  inaccurate information, or incomplete maintenance steps are included in work orders. A best practice is to determine the most common findings for a specific CM technology and determine what actions should be taken as a result. For example, if vibration analysis identifies unbalance in a fan, a recommendation should be made to clean the fan prior to attempting to balance it. If a CM technology identifies a failure that requires the machine to be removed, then re-alignment may be necessary before the machine is placed back into service. All of these steps and perhaps additional steps should be conveyed by the CM analyst creating the work order.

Creating consistent and detailed steps for common CM problems will avoid forgetting to convey important information to those doing the work. This will help ensure that best practice maintenance is completed on your equipment, things are not forgotten, misspelled words entered, or other common mistakes made.

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