Precision Alignment of electric motors coupled to pumps, compressors, gearboxes, blowers, etc.; contributes to savings in the consumption of electricity. Since all fossil power plant-generated electricity causes carbon emissions, the reduced electricity consumption also means  LOWER RELATED CARBON EMISSION.

Optalign First Laser Shaft Alignment Tool
OPTALIGN First Laser Alignment Tool

In 1984 the first pre-programmed Laser Coupling/Shaft Alignment tool was launched by our principals PRUEFTECHNIK Alignment. For already 25 years, our alignment tools are contributing to the GREEN movement. Not only does precision alignment contribute to going GREEN, but it also extends the life of Bearings, Mechanical Seals, and Couplings and extends the Mean-Time Between-Failure, thus saving money for parts and increasing production. All industries using pumps to transport hazardous liquids – and that means basically the entire chemical industry as well as refineries – have experienced leaking seals. Hazardous liquids contaminate the environment.  Only well-aligned pumps guarantee that mechanical seals perform to perfection and that means avoidance of leakage, another area where Better Alignments help the GREEN movement. Every leaking seal or stuffing box in Water and Water Treatment plants is a waste of scarce resources. Only good alignment of motor-driven pumps will avoid leakage. Shaft/Coupling alignment contributes in more than one way towards great savings and a GREENER ENVIRONMENT.

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by Dieter Seidenthal