You have invested in a high-precision laser shaft alignment system or vibration data collector/analyzer. Why? Because you want more accurate alignments and vibration measurements, done in less time.

But, what if some incident rendered your tool less accurate, or even wrong altogether? If accurate measurement and tight tolerances are key to your vital processes, this would be a grave concern. Proper operation of your critical machinery or safety systems depends on excellent alignment with low vibration under running conditions.

Perhaps your tool was subjected to temperature extremes, or you dropped your laser or sensor, and even though they are shockproof to the IP-65 standard and didn’t break, they are now out of calibration? What if you are trending data for preventive or planned maintenance, and two different tools used for the same measurement significantly disagree? Only a NIST traceable and certified calibration verification can ensure that your systems are working as designed and within tolerances.

Our highly accurate NIST-certified calibration verifications are performed within a 48-hour turnaround time under tightly controlled conditions to NIST standards in a climate-controlled laboratory. For our laser alignment systems, a biennial check (every two years) is recommended. For vibration data collectors and analyzers, a biennial check is recommended also, or whenever the instrument informs you that one is due.

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, by Alan Luedeking CRL CMRP