The Easy-Laser E970 alignment system makes roll parallel alignment accurate and easy to accomplish.  This application requires that the rolls be parallel to each other in term of skew and level.  In addition, and very important to the application, is to make sure the slitters and guides are aligned to each other axially on the rolls.

Sheet Metal Roll Slitter - Pic1

Should they not be aligned, they will cause forces on the guides, causing the product to be affected during the process.  The E970 system was set up so that the laser was exactly parallel and level to the reference slitter roll, a process that took about 10 minutes.  The laser transmitter was then deflected a perfect 90 degrees for a vertical sweeping laser plane that could be projected down the line.

Sheet Metal Roll Slitter - Pic2

The finding was that the guides were off at some places by as much as 3/8″!  Corrections were made live and the appropriate spacers were installed in order to make sure the guides were in perfect alignment with the slitters.

Sheet Metal Roll Slitter - Pic3

The outcome was that the product produced was of a high quality that had not been experienced on the machine before.  A report was generated directly from the Easy-Laser E970 in PDF for documentation.

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, by Daus Studenberg CRL