I use a Laser Alignment System, so I am Performing Precision Alignment, Right?

December 26, 2017

Condition Monitoring Expert Tip #10 by Mobius Institute No, sadly, that is not right. Unless the person has been properly trained, and unless the company has specified precision alignment tolerances, and unless the training is followed and the tolerances are achieved, then you are not performing precision alignment. We see this as a very common […]

Why Do I Need to Use Phase Analysis?

December 19, 2017

Condition Monitoring Expert Tip #6 by Mobius Institute The vibration spectrum can provide clear indication of certain fault conditions, but when you see a large peak at the running speed (1X) what will your diagnosis be? What if you also see peaks at 2X and 3X? Now, if you are monitoring a large fan with […]

7 Things to Do when Using an Induction Heater for Bearings, Sleeves, Couplings, Crane Wheels and Gears

December 12, 2017

Make sure the surfaces of the vertical posts are clean. Improve the contact between the vertical post and the crossbar by applying a light coat of Vaseline or grease to the contact surface of the vertical post. The temperature probe should always be placed on or as close as possible to the inner race or […]

Which is the Best Bearing Fault Detection Technique?

December 5, 2017

Condition Monitoring Expert Tip #5 by Mobius Institute Now this is a tricky question to answer… We have a few contenders: high frequency vibration analysis, regular vibration analysis, ultrasound, oil analysis, wear particle analysis, and infrared analysis. Let’s start by ruling a few of them out. Infrared analysis is used to detect heat in a […]