This course delivers comprehensive knowledge of the principles of machinery shaft alignment and the various methods to measure and correct alignment, with emphasis on laser shaft alignment technology. It is designed for millwrights, repair technicians, supervisors, and engineers who must become proficient in alignment techniques, correct soft foot problems, and troubleshoot complex alignment problems. The course is an intensive mix of hands-on practice and in-depth instruction in alignment methodologies.

Students working on vertical pump with ROTALIGN
  • Best training, I have received. It was very interesting and it was on something I can apply. This summer, I am going to surprise the guys at PPL when I can show them how to use a laser alignment tool. I know for a fact that most of them do not know how to use one.

    –A Williamson Technical College Student


  • Importance of machinery shaft alignment to improve asset reliability and reduce safety risks
  • Preparing for the Alignment Task
    • Machine, Foundation, and Base Preparation.
    • Required tools for the task
    • Shims and shimming best practices
  • Shaft Alignment: Principles, Practices, and Methodology
    • Understanding and visualizing alignment geometry.
    • Understanding alignment tolerances and tolerance formats.
    • Requirements for repeatability
  • Machinery Alignment Problems
    • Gross Misalignment: coupling strain & shaft deflection
    • Becoming bolt-bound and base-bound.
  • Soft Foot
    • Measuring Soft Foot: Principles and Objectives.
    • Diagnosing and Correcting the Soft Foot problem.
    • Measuring the effects of pipe strain on shaft alignment.
  • Target Specifications and Thermal Growth
  • Alignment Applications
    • Setting up on spool pieces, spacers, and jackshafts.
    • Aligning multiple machines in a train
  • Documentation and reporting
  • Student’s special interests or problems.

Students should have some experience with the alignment system and should preferably have some field experience in alignment.

  • Great class! Tim Rogers really knows the program inside and out. I have been using the ROTALIGN® ULTRA for a few years and still learned some new ways to do things. I was even able to help out one of our contractors last week that was having difficulty getting an alignment done because of a poor setup

    –T. Brown, US Navy
Rotalign Ultra shaft alignment training students using alignment simulators


Onsite Group Training
We can bring this class to you, classes are limited to 6 participants. You furnish an instrument to be used in the training course, a classroom with a large erasable marker board, 4 color markers, a projector and projection screen. We furnish two additional instruments, three training simulators* and all training materials.

*Equipment rental available. Contact us or call us at (305) 591-8935 for pricing.


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