Roll up your sleeves and get ready for practical hands-on precision alignment courses, taught by experts, in small class sizes to promote one-on-one interaction and personalized attention!

  • I enjoyed my time at your training facility. I appreciate everything that the staff and owners offer to the training. My instructor did a wonderful job in every aspect of the training. He was very knowledgeable and patient —with instructors like this, it is easy to stay on track.

    –L. Hensley, Instructor, WTI




January 24-25
Birmingham, AL

February 7-8
Salt Lake City, UT

February 28-March 1
Duluth, MN

March 7-8
Savannah, GA

March 28-29
Memphis, TN

April 11-12
Fort Dodge, IA

May 9-10
Raleigh, NC

May 23-24
Phoenix, AZ

June 20-21
Albany, NY

July 11-12
Boise, ID

July 25-26
Cleveland, OH

August 15-16
Lansing, MI

August 29-30
Tulsa, OK

November 7-8
Houston, TX


Classtime: 8:00 am – 4:00 pm (Lunch not included)

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Miami, FL

April 25-28
September 19-22
October 3-6
December 5-8

Course Description

Classtime: 8:30 am – 4:30 pm (Lunch included)

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Rotalign Ultra Laser Shaft Alignment Onsite Group Training
  • I attended ROTALIGN® training and thought it would be a breeze and I would not learn much because I have over 20 years of industrial mechanical experience and have done hundreds of alignments from using dial indicators to reverse dials and also the ROTALIGN® Pro. I was wrong about that, the ROTALIGN® has many features that I was not aware of and I really enjoyed my class and all of the awesome people at LUDECA. I would recommend this class to anyone who does alignments.

    –P. Gant, Martin Drake Power Plant

4-DAY EASY-LASER® XT770, XT660, XT550 and XT440


April 25-28
September 19-22
October 3-6
December 5-8

Course Description

Classtime: 8:30 am – 4:30 pm (Lunch included)

Contact to register.

Easy-Laser XT Shaft Alignment training class, students practicing soft foot on LT300 alignment simulators
  • I have been preaching the importance of precision alignment and how it will benefit increased equipment reliability for a long time. The mechanics realized how limited they were in their knowledge after Tim’s class was over. We knew the ROTALIGN® could serve us better but without proper training, we could not get there and Tim accomplished everything and more that I had expected. Thanks again!

    –T. Forsythe, CENG
  • I would like to thank LUDECA for your instruction, patience, hospitality and eagerness to help —which supported us in getting as much out of our 1-week training as possible. Our challenge now is to make sure we apply your alignment tool appropriately and within its design criteria.

    –J. Poole, Augusta Service Co./Potash Corp.
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