VIBWORKS Field Balancer

Vibworks field balancer

Precision Balancing Made Easy

VIBWORKS Balancer enables you to perform precise single-plane and 2-plane balancing with a comprehensive set of tools. The system provides trial weight suggestions, splits weights for even distribution, calculates residual unbalance, and adheres to balancing grades, ensuring an optimal balancing job. Each step of the process is designed to streamline your work and improve accuracy.

ISO-1940 Balancing Standard

VIBWORKS Balancer is developed in accordance with the ISO-1940 Balancing Standard, ensuring compliance with international quality and performance benchmarks. This adherence guarantees that the balancing process meets rigorous industrial requirements, providing reliable and repeatable results.

Technician with Vibworks Field Balancer

Top Features:

  • Phase stability is a key factor for quick and precise balancing.
  • Very low speed balancing can be achieved with higher precision when using a displacement sensor instead of an accelerometer (which uses velocity.)
  • 1920 x 1200px glove-friendly touchscreen
  • ClickOnce™ Technology to generate Word® and PDF reports generated with a single click.
  • Runs on the same hardware platform as the VIBWORKS Collector and Analyzer.