Easy-Laser® XT770G rotating equipment commissioning system

The Easy-Laser® XT770G is a true rotating equipment commissioning system for machine installation and precision alignment.

Enjoy all the power and features of our Easy-Laser XT770 shaft alignment system plus the addition of the versatile XT20 or XT22 laser transmitter to measure the straightness and flatness of machine foundations and bases with precision and reliability.

This comprehensive system can also be used for shaft alignment and flatness measurement of compressors. The XT770G meets Ariel ER-82 compressor alignment specifications, learn more.

Top Features:

  • Align horizontal machines as well as machine trains, cardan shafts, and vertical/flange mounted machines
  • Built-in ANSI/ASA Alignment Tolerances and Thermal Growth Compensation.
  • Track machine movement over time with EASYTREND (optional DM-brackets required).
  • Alignment data can be stored in the XT application, USB drive, or emailed directly as a PDF report including measurement data, color images, and signature.
  • Easy-Laser PLUS™ cloud data transfer


  • Align belt and chain drives with optional Easy-Laser XT190
  • Pre and post-alignment: vibration analysis with optional Easy-Laser XT280 VIBROMETER
XT770G Shaft Alignment Compressor