Cloud Data Transfer


Cloud data transfer with Easy-Laser Alignment App


Easy-Laser PLUS is our cloud solution where you:

  • Collaborate with your maintenance team on job assignments.
  • Collect all your team’s measurement files in one place for quick overview and analysis.
  • Copy your measurement data to a new device if your tablet is lost or damaged.
  • Restore accidentally deleted files on your tablet.
  • Receive information about the latest software updates.

Simply put, Easy-Laser PLUS is your hub for the team’s measurement jobs and extra security for your data.

Easy-Laser PLUS works with the XT Alignment app on third-party tablets/smartphones and with our XT12 or XT11 R2 tablets.

Easy-Laser Plus File Manager
You access Easy-Laser PLUS™ from your web browser. We recommend that you use the latest browser version available for best experience.

Easy-Laser PLUS: Unleash Precision, Simplify Collaboration, and Power Up Your Potential.


In Easy-Laser PLUS you organize your data in “workspaces”, in a way that makes the most sense for you and your team. For example a Project, Team, Customer, or Machinery workspace. Once you have created your workspace, you can start inviting team members.
There can be an unlimited number of users, to which you set different administrative rights (Administrator, Contributor, or Viewer). This means you can set a temporary Viewer right to a service provider or a client when working on a project together.

Easy-Laser Plus Workspace Explanation


All data is securely transferred with SSL/TLS encryption. The data is only accessible to those who have the right user level. At introduction, the secure servers are located in the EU.

Data processing agreement and terms of service.

Get it now!

To start a subscription, visit and register your account in a few easy steps.

  1. If your company does not already have an account, start by creating an Organization.
  2. Next, you can pair your XT App to sync files, create workspaces, and invite other people to start collaborating.

At the introduction, you have a free trial period that ends on August 31st, 2024. After that, the free trial period will be 90 days for new accounts.

Once the initial free trial period ends, it will be necessary to link a credit card to your organization’s account. This step is required to pay the monthly fee which will enable continued access to and use of our services. At this point, you will also be able to select from different subscription plans.