Leading Reliability Workshops

1-day workshops co-hosted with Eruditio and SEPCO including technical presentations followed by application of the knowledge with simulations and “time on the tools”:

  • Increase Bearing Life Through Proper Storage and Installation by┬áLUDECA
  • Bearing Isolators can Prevent Oil Changes, Contaminant Wear and Extend Bearing Life by SEPCO
  • Making Job Planning Easy-Peasy plus Root Cause Analysis by Eruditio

1-Day Leading Reliability Workshop

Charleston, SC

June 6, 2019
Aboard the USS Yorktown

No Excuses for Bearing Failures Workshops

In these 1-day workshops, you will learn how to use condition monitoring technologies to reduce bearing failures and downtime, improve safety and extend the life of bearings and machinery.

  • Install Bearings Properly
  • Lubricate Bearings Correctly
  • Align Machinery Precisely
  • Balance Equipment to Save your Bearings
  • Monitor Bearing Condition Regularly

Workshops include technical presentations and hands-on training modules utilizing technology.

1-Day No Excuses for Bearing Failures Workshop

Baton Rouge, LA

August 27, 2019

1-Day No Excuses for Bearing Failures Workshop

Houston, TX

August 29, 2019