Induction Bearing Heater


The sureTHERM PRO 1X is a floor model induction bearing heater, to which a trolley (casters) can be added to make it mobile. The PRO 1X has two versions, with a pivoting horizontal crossbar or a vertical crossbar. To be used for the precision mounting of a wide range of parts, including but not limited to bearings (max. weight: 400kg /880 lbs). The maximum width for parts is 13”.

  • Gloves, grease, and 2 magnetic temp probes included
  • Available with or without crossbars
  • Standard voltage 480V



SURETHERM PRO 1X bearing heater
Model with vertical crossbar
SURETHERM PRO 1X pivot bearing heater
Model with horizontal crossbar
SURETHERM PRO 1X bearing heater
Model with horizontal crossbar and trolley

Bearing Heating Top Features:

  • Dual sensor control for 100% tension-free heating
  • Touch screen for real-time feedback, access to operator settings and on-screen error reporting
  • Count down start timer
  • Different heating modes: 1 sensor / 2 sensors / Time mode / Ramp or Temperature Hold mode. The Ramp or Temperature Hold mode can be used at the end of the heating cycle to maintain the temperature of the heated workpiece.
  • All-stainless steel housing
  • Data download and reporting capabilities and visual heating cycle graphs


  • Remote control
  • Different sizes of pivoting crossbars and extension posts
  • Fitting mounting toolset
  • Trolley (casters)
  • Upgrade to 600V