Machine Alignment and Installation

Easy-Laser® E720

Shaft Alignment

The Easy-Laser® E720 is the all-in-one solution for correct machine installation and precision alignment of rotating machinery.

For machine installations, the E720 with its versatile D22 laser transmitter measures base twist, straightness of piping, rolls and shafts, parallelism of surfaces and flatness and levelness of machine foundations and bases.

The E720 easily measures misalignment together with any Soft Foot condition. E720 has built-in Alignment Tolerance and Thermal Growth Compensation features. Pre-assembled brackets and wireless communication make setting up and using the system a breeze.

Flatness Measurement

Top Features:

  • Align horizontal machines as well as machine trains of up to 15 machines in line, cardan shafts and vertical/flange mounted machines
  • Align your machines to true operating conditions! EASY-MONITORING program included with the E710/E720 measures positional changes of machinery during start-up or shut-down.
  • Alignment data can be stored in the Easy-Laser® E720 and printed directly as a PDF report or archived and managed with the free EASY-LINK™ software included with the system.


  • Align belt and chain drives with optional Easy-Laser BTA hardware
  • Barcode reader for machine identification
  • Expandable for more measurement applications
E720 Geometric Measurement