Acoustic Lubrication Training

Become a LUBExpert with Remote Mentoring

LUBExpert One to One Remote Mentoring is a roadmap to competency for lubrication technicians responsible for implementing acoustic condition-based grease replenishment. Based around the SDT LUBExpert system, remote mentoring is contained within two 5-hour banks of live web-based training. Milestone 1 represents the completion of the first five-hour block while milestone 2 represents the completion of the final five-hour block.

Milestone 1 will include:

Alignment & KPI’s
Initial Meeting to discuss the desired outcomes for the lubrication program, establish Key Performance Indicators and set the schedule.

Foundational Learning
Basics of Lubrication will be covered. How grease effects a bearing, the different phases (churning, bleeding) and how to calculate grease replenishment values.

Basics of Ultrasound will be covered and how it is used to identify changes in friction levels when grease is delivered. Greasing outcomes be will specified and explained.

LUBExpert Orientation
The LUBExpert instrument will be covered in detail. How to navigate through & set up the device, how the lubrication algorithm works and how to collect data in the field.

UAS Software Orientation
Learn how to configure settings, create machines & measurement points. Learn how to create surveys and load & unload data from the LUBExpert. The Technician will be prepared to go into the field.

Milestone 2 will include:

Ongoing data analysis and mentoring.
Continued review of the results, fine-tuning and initial discussions on alarm setups and application.
Setup and implementation of alarms as well as intervals and reports.

Competency Review
The instructor will answer any questions before administering a competency review to ensure knowledge transfer. Demonstrated success will result in a LUBExpert Certification.

Lubexpert Ultrasound Bearing Lubrication